Liposuction Results: What to Expect

After undergoing the procedure, you are probably excited to see your liposuction results. Not so fast. You shouldn’t expect to see instant results right after a liposuction procedure. Just like any regular surgery, a patient who underwent a lipo treatment, regardless of the type of technique used, will usually need a few days in order to fully recover. And during these days, the results will not be very obvious since there may be a lot of swelling in the affected area. To give you an idea, this article will discuss what to expect in the days and weeks after the surgery.

Keep in mind that liposuctions results are not always immediate. The only difference you might feel right after the procedure will be the fact that the fat tissues have disappeared and what’s left is just swelled up muscle and skin tissues due to the trauma brought about by the cosmetic treatment. This swelling will likely take a few days to subside after the liposuction procedure.

The tumescent liposuction results, for instance, may subside two weeks or so after the treatment. It is at this time that you will be able to see the telltale signs that the fat has gone, and the area that underwent the procedure will look and feel significantly different than before. But even though the results will now be quite obvious, at this point, this will not yet be the final result, so don’t despair if you still see some deformation.

To actually see the final liposuction results, you will have to wait around six weeks to two months depending on the complexity of the procedure done as well as the technique used. New liposuction techniques used nowadays require minimal to no downtime and results are seen usually within a week. With more advanced lipo treatments, visible results are shown almost instantly, though final result will really be seen after swelling and redness has subsided.

After a couple of weeks, you may be asked by the surgeon to come by the clinic for a follow-up check up. The surgeon will check the area where the fats were eliminated to conclude if the liposuction result is favorable. The swelling and other side effects should be gone by now. And if you underwent a wet technique, your body should have disposed of the excess fluids completely. At this point, the surgeon will be able to tell you if there is a need for another procedure.

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